The Face Hugger – Alien Larvae

Face Hugger - First Human Victim Kane © 2012 ivorybow. All rights reserved.

Between the egg and the final alien warrior, there is the Face Hugger, who implants the alien egg in the tragically selected host. Acid for blood, incredible strength, and unerring instinct make this little nasty lethal.

The Alien Queen Mother

The Unholy Mother And Child © 2012 ivorybow. All rights reserved.

Terrible and majestic in all her crowned glory, the Alien Queen Mother reigns over her brood, the  bringer of terrible death to any and all who threaten her children.

The Classic HR Giger Alien

Alien Warrior © 2012 ivorybow. All rights reserved.

Is there anything more terrifying than HR Giger’s Alien? Distilled from the deepest nightmares in our psyche – relentless and implacable,  cruel and efficient, the infinitely adaptable bringer of terrible death. Enjoy these beautiful yet horrifying images of the magnificent … Continue reading